This Investigative Docu-Series Proves Fashion Is Inherently Political

Within the past year, 27-year-old reporter Hailey Gates has traveled to France to dissect why there's been a recent rise in Islamophobia within the country, and to Bolivia to examine the source of its identity politics and changing social currents. She’s been to Mexico City to understand why certain subcultures, or tribas urbanas, have formed, and to post-war Liberia to cover the existing disparities between race, class and gender. On paper, Hailey has the credentials of a hard-hitting investiga

The Coolest Eco-Friendly Fashion Collections Are by STUDENTS

The issue of sustainability as it relates to fashion is nothing new. Wasteful production methods, harmful fabric dyes, and the fast fashion model have all been topics of discussion in regard to the effects they have on the environment for decades. But in recent years, the dialogues surrounding the issue have become increasingly serious among designers and consumers alike. Considering fashion is one of the top two polluting industries in the world, second only to oil, such conversations have neve
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